A New Era of Carnivals Begins.

     With no family history in the Carnival business, Greg Hughes took a job as a ball boy at the carnival during his home town celebration, the year was 1969.  He continued to work every year the carnival came to town, untill he was 14.   This is when he started to travel  with the carnival, he operated the rides for 90 dollars a week.  He bought his first carnival game when he was 17 and his first carnival ride at the age of 21.


     When Greg and Gail became a family the seed was planted for a big family in their future, with the family and the buisness growing each year sometimes one faster then the other they could see there was plenty of fun to come.
      They took a break from the mobile amusement business, to run an amusement park for 2 years, Greg as the Assistant Manager and Gail as the Concessions Manager. They returned to the mobile amusement business to manage Serie Fun Shows for 5 years before buying the show.


     They became Family Fun Shows in 1996 and decided right away they wouldn't be the old sterotype carnival.  With the help of their children Bob,Jason,Angie and Justin aging from 5 to 20 at the time and other family and friends, they would become a carnival that their family and yours would feel safe and comfortable with, while spending your time there.
     At One ticket per ride, which they feel is much more affordable and simplistic than most carnivals, they  grew fast and so did their fairs.  At present Family Fun Shows has 18-20 rides, 25 concessions and 3 generators, they have plenty of electricity to book extra equipment as needed.


     Family Fun Shows goal is  to continue to blossom with more family(grandchildren) three at present and alot more fun with new rides,games and concessions with equal amounts of friends and patrons. So please come be apart of the family and grow with us.                            

Family Fun Shows,Inc